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Diptych of Christina Bruso

For the exhibition „Gottesschau und Gottesliebe - Die Mystikerin Christina von Stommeln 1242-1312“ in the Stadtmuseun Jülich, we were charged with the technological examination of an early diptych belonging to the mystic beata christina von Stommeln.

It was possible to establish the way the two wings were once hinged together.
While dating by dendrochronolgy was not successful, examination corroborated the assumption , that all parts of the diptych, including the embroidered relics, are part of the original construction. The material findings match technological recipies of the time.

All research has been published in the accompanying catalogue and includes Art historic and paleographic Research on the diptych by Dr. Doris Oltrogge and Dr. Helga Giersiepen.
The necessary Multidisciplinary Approach involved the generous input of many Specialists. Material analysis was performed by Dres. Jägers of Micoroanalytical Laboratory Jägers, Bornheim, Textile Analysis by Dipl.-Rest. Laurence Becker, CAT scans thanks to Sönke Reinhard of Media Park Klinik.


Diptych of Christina Brus ca. 1290

The accompanying catalogue: Gotteschau & Gottesliebe. Die Mystikerin Christina von Stommeln 1242-1312.
, Schnell&Steiner, Regensburg 2012, ISBN: 978-3-7954-2691-0

Brakebusch Conservation Studio Düsseldorf