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Statischer Reflektor von H. Goepfert

This relief by Hermann Goepfert, between OP an ZERO,  suffered water damage with severe discolouration and formation of tide lines. To maintain the original fabric instead of replacement - as was considered by the owner - some miracles of cleaning had to be achieved.
The object had to be completely disassembled. The partly bent metal reflectors had to be reshaped and cleaned as well.

Joint Project with Dipl.-Rest. Laurence Becker.

Goepfert Vorzustandzoom

Statischer Reflektor, Hermann Goepfert,

Relief Hermann Goepfert, Endzustandzoom

Statischer Reflektor,  Hermann Goepfert, Endzustand

Gewebe eines Elements vor und nach der Reinigungzoom

Portrait Ludwig I. von Bayern
before treatment, raking light

Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt Düsseldorf