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Terms and conditions

All objects delivered to BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio are kept on the own account and risk of the owner.
Insurance of consigned objects is possible and will be charged according to insurance value.
If the object is insured via BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio, we will accept liability concerning the insured risks up to the insurance value and 2.000.000,00€ maximum. Higher insurance values may be granted in a separate contract.
If no insurance is consigned any liability will be limited to 50% of the order value.
Copyright of all documents, pictures etc. produced as part of the consignment will remain with BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio. Use and publication of the documents requires written permission of BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio. BRAKEBUSCH conservation studio may use documentation in scientific publications or advertising.
Cost estimates are fee based generally.

Brakebusch Restaurierungswerkstatt Düsseldorf
Brakebusch Conservation Studio Düsseldorf