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Portrait Ludwig I.

This lifesize portrait is a partial copy of J.K. Stielers official crowning portrait of king Louis I. of Bavaria, dated 1826.

-several meters of tears in original canvas
- numerous holes in the canvas
-one A4 size piece missing completely
- fabric patches causing extreme creases and folds
- thick layer of surface dirt
- strongly yellowed varnish layers

-consolidation of paintlayer around tears
- removal of paint coating on reverse
- removal of patches
- flattening of creases and folds
- filling holes with canvas inlays
- securing tears with polyester gauze patches
- surface cleaning
- varnish removal
- filling of losses
- retouching and varnishing


Portrait Ludwig I. von Bayern
before treatment, raking light


Portrait Ludwig I. von Bayern
after treatment, raking light

Brakebusch Conservation Studio Düsseldorf